Heart of Dinner

A message from Ms. Lin:

Dear 42 Community:

In the beginning of March, all students in P.S.42 worked on a school-wide community art project. We illustrated bags and wrote note cards for the non-profit organization, Heart of Dinner. Heart of …

Heart of Dinner – Chinese

来 自 林 老 师 信 息:

亲 爱 的 42 社 区:

在 3 月 初,P.S.42的所有学生都在参与一个全校的社区艺术项目。我们为非营利组织Heart of Dinner绘制了袋子插图并写了便条卡。Heart of Dinner与当地餐馆合作,为纽约市各地区有需要的亚洲老年人提供膳食。感谢所有参与的人;我们绘制了近500个袋子的插图,每个袋子都是独一无二的,都是以爱和善良创造。让我们看看一些创作袋子视频:

帮助和支持Heart of Dinner,请访问www.heartofdinner.org。谢谢。



Support for Ukraine – English

Dear 42 Community,

In support of the Ukrainian community and requested by the 42 community, we have listed below some organizations you can donate to in support of the people of Ukraine. These are vetted organizations and shared with us …