Remote learning on Google classroom starts tomorrow.  Do not worry if you have not logged in yet.  Students will not fail if they can not get on or complete the work.  This is a tentative schedule for our school day.  Please feel free to log in anytime you can.

Remote school day: 8:20-3:10. The teachers will not be on the entire session.  Just like the students, they will be checking in and out between those hours.  Google classroom will be silent from 9:10-9:55 and from 12-1:00. Students can continue posting but the teachers will not be responding then.

Students must be respectful when posting online and it should be about content.  This is not texting, WeChat or Google hangout.

We will all try our best to make this work.  Please be safe and take care of your loved ones.

Ms. Lipsky and Ms. Wong Lee